Please read the following before booking....


- When contacting me, I expect to be treated with respect.  If you call/text with a rude attitude, ask inappropriate questions or are just trying to keep yourself amused by calling me names, etc, I will not respond and your number will be blocked.  Just because I work in this profession doesn't mean I am still not a lady and I would appreciate if you treat me that way.

- If you are running late - please make me aware. Depending on circumsrances, your booking time may have to be decreased/altered.  If you are unable to make the appointment/have to cancel, I would apprecite if you could give me at least an hours' notice.  If you are a no-show, I will require a $50 Interact Etransfer before I will book another appointment with you.

- When you arrive at the appointment, I also expect you arrive with a respectful attitude.  Unless discussed prior, any aggressive behaviour or outright rudnesss will result in me asking you to leave, with no refund.

- Hygiene is very important to me.  Please try and be as clean as possible. A fresh, clean body/mouth will make me happier, resulting in you being happier.  If you are coming straight from work, etc. - shower facilities are available (I may ask you have a quick shower before the appointment starts if I see fit).


Much Love...